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SmartFleet reduces operational complexities for Tilcon

SmartFleet provides a way for Tilcon to reduce operational complexities through a hardware agnostic GPS system that provides: tracking, trip termination, geo-fencing, job statuses, exception handling and data synchronization across multiple systems.

Tilcon is an operating subsidiary of Oldcastle, Inc. who is the leading supplier of material products and construction services in the United States employing 40,000 employees, operating in 50 States, and 4 Canadian Provinces.

Tilcon operates quarries, asphalt plants and material recycling facilities and offers heavy highway construction and paving. Their materials are transported throughout our region by truck, barge and rail.

Operational Issues:

Time Sensitivity of Product
• One of Tilcon’s major products, asphalt, is very time and temperature sensitive, and requires strong delivery efficiency.

Dynamic Job Site/Cost Structure
• Tilcon has different schedules and dynamic job sites everyday, which increase the complexity of the business.
• High Fixed Operating Cost per job site making continued supply of material imperative

Structural Issues:

Centralized Order Entry/Decentralized Execution Structure
• Most of Tilcon’s business is subcontracted to multiple vendors, which increases the difficulty of vendor management.

Real Time Visibility Over Entire Supply Chain
• Visibility over the entire supply chain, including provider, job site, customers and vendors, is important to enhance the SC efficiency.

ERP Issues:

Limited Capability of Existing ERP
• Tilcon is currently using multiple ERP systems, which are not fully fitting the construction business.

System Integration & Management
• Multiple ERP systems increase the difficulty of timely and accurate information integration and system management caused by manual updates and untimely paper driven processes.
• Meaningful Management Reports


Operational Solution

• GPS application, while being agnostic to specific hardware
• Geofence technology linked to specific activity (e.g. sales orders)
• Trip Termination
• Job status (Printed, At Plant, To Job, On Job, Wash, To Plant )
• Exception handling (Alerts triggered when deviating from the norm)

Structural Solution

• Advanced permission hierarchy
• Customers have capability to view job status
• Vendors have capability to view truck location

ERP Solution

• Data synchronization between systems
• One source solution to maintain entire business operation
• Web Enabled