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SmartFleet provides increased resource utilization for Hinkle Contracting

SmartFleet provides Hinkle with increased resource management and more oversight into the dispatch and application of resources and assets in the field.

Hinkle and DP&C have collaborated to implement and selectively customize its SmartFleet Transportation Management System application to increase the sharing and asset utilization of mobile assets across its five operating divisions, eighty plus quarry & stone operations, and multiple construction sites. Through collaboration with Hinkle’s Kevin Flanigin, John Stump & the operating team, the implementation of DP&C SmartFleet has caused an increase in the visibility, communication efficiency, and awareness of asset management. A key organizational benefit has been the centralization of mobile assets/resources to support the construction effort resulting in more sharing, visibility of asset utilization, and the ability to better objectively measure performance.

The seamless visibility of accurate information has afforded Hinkle the opportunity to better measure, quantify, and provide next step solutions to further improve the efficiency of the current operation, including the resulting asset utilization. The quantified next step benefit in this effort to improve overall supply chain efficiency is to reverse the upside down relationship between drive time and idle/stop time associated with the company’s mobile assets (at present mobile assets spend 70% of the time idled/stopped versus driving). As part of improving mobile asset utilization, the resulting benefits will include an improved relationship between miles, payroll, fuel and administrative time to revenue earned.

The objective information gained from SmartFleet & joint collaboration has prompted Hinkle & DP&C to propose an enhancement project to flip the current drive time versus idle/stop time right side up by:

1) Providing a portal for construction management to directly enter resource requests for specific job numbers
2) Linking scale ticket information directly to the SmartFleet application
3) Provide an alert system to dispatch when idle/stop time exceeds a predetermined threshold
4) Create system recommended resource recommendations based on historical information to better optimize resources to job
5) Providing a management dashboard to further improve organization communication

The combination of the eighteen month joint (DP&C & Hinkle) familiarity with requirements & objectives achieved through continuous collaboration & improvement, SmartFleet implementation and selective customization and evolving initiative for Hinkle Contracting’s parent company, Summit Materials, to more centralize its processes & systems (sales tickets for example) makes for an efficient go forward, scale-able model to improve overall company mobile asset expense to revenue relationship.