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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Selecting a Transportation Management System provider

Despite the increase of affordable Transportation Management Systems being made available in the market place for businesses to become more efficient, improve margin, and speed revenue growth, a majority of firms have not embraced this capability.

Typical roadblocks to engagement and implementation of technology improvements include:

transportation management systema.) The firm is overwhelmed by day to day issues limiting the ability to define in manageable terms the issues at hand.

b.) If the firm can qualitatively define its opportunity, quantifying a return on investment is difficult.

c.) In order for a quantified return on investment to become a reality requires an executable plan that can be implemented while marinating its current business operation. Firms don’t have the latitude to shut down to make improvements. Maintaining its customer base and cash flow with implementing operating improvements requires management diligence and priority balance.

d.) Most mid and small size companies are resource constrained causing a lack of continuity required in any new technology / business process. This causes good ideas, making financial / operating sense, to be put on the shelf. This in time subjects the firm to being less competitive.

e.) At the time of implementation of a transportation management system,  firms find that data integrity has only been maintained in the heads of a few resources making system upgrades difficult. The lack of system maintenance, resulting from resource constraints, makes technology upgrades difficult.

Variables to consider when soliciting a Transportation Management System Provider

a) Consumes a minimal amount of time from the customer, but can define the current organizational capability, business processes, and technology / systems utilization and the potential opportunity to be realized.

b) Define and crystallize an executable implementation plan that realizes the full opportunity benefit by maximizing the use of the existing organization and technology at hand. An executable plan includes the ability for the customer to be able to financially support such an initiative.

c) Executes the plan in a step by step, iterative manner that can be consumed and institutionalized by the customer, and is not disruptive the service / product supply to its customer base.

d) Maintains its own TMS application that can be appropriately customized to meet the requirement demands and matches up well with the capability of the user base.

e) Can be efficiently integrated with the existing technologies in place to present a seamless enterprise to the customer.

f) Provides ongoing support, technology refreshes, customized reports, and training to fully optimize the defined opportunity.

About DP&C Enterprises , LLC
We are a boutique supply chain management consulting company focused on delivering well thought out custom solutions to large complex problems that typically span across internal organizational departments, customers, and suppliers. These types of solutions are approached and solved by small, undisruptive, iterative improvement steps that have significant impact on improving throughput, asset utilization, cash flow, and reducing expenses, while building teams and organizational capability to sustain and advance the initiatives set by management during the project creation.

DP&C® SmartFleet is a comprehensive transportation management system. It serves as transportation, logistics, and distribution management application designed specifically to increase efficiency of fleet management, enhance the visibility of mobile inventory and asset management, and highlight the importance of enhanced customer service as a competitive advantage. It has the ability to seamlessly integrate GPS sources and all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms to provide a comprehensive end-to-end fleet management system for the network users.

DP&C® SmartFleet is a customizable and scaleable fleet management system, providing a solution that generates immediate and sustainable return on investment. The seamless, real time visibility provided by DPC® SmartFleet can enhance profit performance, customer service and fleet optimization. It has received the industry certification issued by TEC. One of DP&C SmartFleet’s key technology advantages is the ability to seamlessly and securely share data between customers and suppliers who are independent within the SmartFleet network.

DP&C® SmartFleet’s capabilities can be effectively matched and customized to meet the needs of service providers who are contracted to provide delivery and transportation services. If you are looking for a cost effective TMS (transportation management system) or FMS (fleet management system) please explore the SmartFleet product website to learn more.

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