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Adapting IT to the Supply Chain

Adapting IT to the Supply Chain

Adapting IT to the Supply Chain

Let’s explore Adapting IT to the Supply Chain Evolution for small and large companies alike.

1. Larger companies have had an information advantage to gain benefit from the IT evolution that has benefitted the supply chain function to streamline the flow and visibility of information in a company to increase the rate of informed decision making, mitigate administrative time, reduce redundant data inputs, etc.

2. Smaller companies have been at a disadvantage due to the lack of critical mass large enough to gain the economic advantages associated with these IT improvements due to hardware , application and implementation cost

Solutions to Adapting IT to the Supply Chain

1. The evolution of the internet has been a conduit to SaaS (software as a solution) based applications making it both readily available , and affordable for small companies to take advantage of the same benefits as larger companies without the need to add internal network and organization overhead.

The challenges of Adapting IT to the Supply Chain

1. Individual companies being able to readily define their own business processes so that they can be digitized into repeatable processes for automation

2. The time and effort to adapt more automated processes into the current day to day operations

3. Providing data base management to install structure on current information that provides the benefit to automate through applications and integration between them.