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Click on each question to view the answer.

1) Linking a GPS unit to a vehicle or non-powered mobile equipment

Maintenance > Vehicles > Vehicle - Vehicle > View Details (view-details) > GPS Association Details Tab > Add (plus) FAQ 1

2) Assigning pay rates to associates like and employee or drivers

Maintenance > Employees > Employee - Employee > View Details (view-details) > Pay Details Tab > Add (plus)FAQ 2  

3) Creating Geofence of Home Base Address, Plants, Sales, Equipment etc

Address: Maintenance > Customers > Customer >View Details (view-details) >Address Details Tab> Add Geofence (3-b) FAQ 3 Plant: Administration>Warehouse>Inventory Warehouse - Warehouse List > 3-b

4) Sharing Geofences with multiple companies

Operations > My Fleets > Geofences > Enable Sharing (4-b) FAQ 4

5) Creating trip termination rules for a company

Administration> System Setup> Company > Trip Termination (termination) > SmartFleet Feature (feature)FAQ 5    

6) Assigning information by organization within company

„« Create organization Administration > System Setup > Organization > Organization List > Add Organization FAQ 6a     „« Assign organization to entity Maintenance > Vehicles > Vehicle > Add Vehicle FAQ 6b

7) Steps to create recurring trips utilizing trip frequency features and linking resources to those trips

„« Create frequency Administration>Trip & Route > Trip Frequencies> Trip Frequency List > Add Frequency FAQ 7a and b     „« Schedule Trip manually Operation > Scheduling > Trip Scheduler> Select the date range for which recurring trips to be generated and frequency too. System will generate the trips selected date range and frequency selected.   FAQ 7c „« Schedule trips automatically- by system Assign frequency to trip. Operation > Assignment > Trip Assignment System executes a background process on daily basis to generate recurring trips based on the frequency assign against the trip.   FAQ 7d

8) Assigning stop off to schedule trips for resource sharing

Operation > Assignment > Trip Assignment > Trip List 8-a Trip stops defines the stops in between a trip. Once stops are defines against trip then schedule trips will be generated based on trips stop.   FAQ 8a Once Trip stops are assigned, user can change them using edit stop. 8-c  

9) Setting up notification for associates and resources

To setup notification for resource (employee/driver/contract person/address contact/user etc.), Setup contact detail like mobile number, mobile carrier, email address. Whenever this resource is assigned to any task system pick its contact detail and send notification/text. Maintenance > Employees >Employee > Employee Detail > Contact Details Tab   FAQ 9

10) Entering an order using Sales Order API

Operation > Sales Order > Sales Order API > Add Sales Order 10-a Fill the required information in the Add Sales Order form and submit.To Enter recurring order select 10-b ,and select frequency. 10-c Quick Add: To quickly add resources at the same time. 10-e FAQ 10

11) Modifying a sales order utilizing Sales Order Workbench

Operation > Sales Order > Sales Order Workbench Provides summary information of sales orders on the basis of sales order date in a tree structure which encapsulate sales orders on the basis of sales order status. User can assign resources (order addresses), add sales order line, release sales order line, generate schedules, assign resources (personal resource, equipment resource), assign paver/miller etc.   FAQ 11

12) Releasing and Scheduling an entered sales order

„« Release a sales order Operation > Sales Order > Sales Order Workbench > Detail > SO Line Tab Add sales order line/ Assign material to sales order 12-a     FAQ 12a and b Release sales order line appear in SO Line schedule.   FAQ 12c „« Schedule an order Operation > Sales Order > Schedule Trips All sales order schedule lines appear in schedule trips. Schedule trips can be schedule by selecting the trips and hit schedule icon 12-e Scheduled trips appear in different modules of application like   FAQ 12d Operation > Scheduling > Scheduled Trips Check In/Out Screen Operation > Scheduling > Advance Work Center User can assign resources like vehicle, driver, vendor etc. to scheduled trips generated.

13) Setting operating parameters in a user profile

Administration > User Profile > 13 Add user profile: „« Add profile type, this profile shown in profile drop down. „« Select profile from drop down and setup other required values. „« By default a system value is generated by the system for any profile added. This value is same for all the users of a company.   FAQ 13a 13-c User value for already registered profile is different for different users means user can define his own value for a profile.   FAQ 13b

14) Modifying resources assigned to a scheduled sales order

Operation > Sales Order > Sales Order Workbench > Detail >SO Address Tab

Resources assigned to a sales order at the time of order entry will populate in sales order workbench SO address tab and personal resource/ equipment resource tab. User can edit already assigned resources.

15) Check In/Out ICON – Distribute work assignments to resources utilizing e-notification

Home Page Icons 15-a Resources assigned to trips populate in check In/Out screen can be change using edit icon on check In/Out screen.   FAQ 15a „« E-Notification 15-c E-Notification can be sent to all the contacts of a sales order by two ways : Single notification - Select any trip from check In/out screen and hit send notification icon first from below, it will send text and email to all the contact persons related to selected sales order. Consolidated Email - By selecting last icon from below, text messages and email notifications sent to all the contacts of all the sales orders of a particular date selected in check in/out in a single shot. 15-d Email notification log will be appearing like below.   FAQ 15b

16) Asset history

To show history of an asset, go to below path of a particular asset. Maintenance > Vehicles > Vehicle> 16-a   FAQ 16

17) The process for vehicle start and stop time including engine on, engine off

Vehicle Start Time: When vehicle start running for a schedule/trip Vehicle End Time: When vehicle stop running from schedule/trip Idle Time: When vehicle becomes idle more than threshold time (idle time limit set in the user profile) during a trip Idle Engine On: When vehicle is idle and engine is on during the trip Idle Engine Off: When vehicle is idle and engine is off during the trip Stop Time: Time between trip end times to trip start time Vehicle start and stop time including engine on and off are calculated in vehicle entire day screen which shows vehicle trip time slots along with vehicle idle time for a particular vehicle for particular date. Operation > My Fleets > Vehicle Entire Day: select a vehicle and a particular date   FAQ 17

18) Displaying monthly mileage for an asset

To show monthly mileage for an asset smartfleet provides IFTA reporting. Maintenance > Vehicles > IFTA Report FAQ 18

19) Assigning resources to advance work center

In advance work center all the scheduled trips will populate. If user wants to reassign resources like vehicle and driver to any particular schedule, user have to select resources from the left pane of the advance work center and drop against the trip in the right side panel against the trip and save. Advance work center provides drag and drop functionality from left pane to right pane to make resource assignment easy.   FAQ 19 Trip Start and End time Idle Time Engine On and Off during the trip Miles Traveled Month

20) Creating a login for and Employee

To create login for an employee first create a user and select that employee in the add user form. Create login level, user name, password, login name at the same time and select user role. Administration > System Setup > System Users > Add Once user is added successfully, user can login into smartfleet application using the login name and password so created. FAQ 20