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SmartFleet Industry Applications

DP&C® SmartFleet’s capabilities can be effectively matched and customized to meet the needs of service providers who are contracted to provide delivery and transportation services as well as validated performance data to their clients including:

Transportation Companies

Companies whose operating systems are fragmented and are looking for a more streamlined, more integrated operation will find that DP&C® SmartFleet is a great way to tie their systems together.

Route Delivery Providers

Companies who execute scheduled/routine routes, for-hire, and quick response services will find that DP&C® SmartFleet is a cost effective way to locate and manage their routes.

Fleet Operators

Operators who are looking to take advantage of GPS technology to integrate real-time information into more timely management and deployment of their fleet assets will find that DP&C® SmartFleet provides cost effective tracking using their current hardware assets.

Leasing Companies

Provides a portal to manage equipment usage in order to facilitate invoice reconciliation for firms leasing equipment on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

Service Providers

Service companies who are currently dependent on paper driven systems, and want to make their operations more seamless, transparent and profitable will find that DP&C® SmartFleet offers enhanced electronic documentation at a reasonable cost.

Construction & Material Related Producers

Construction companies who use a fragmented group of transportation providers to deliver material to dynamically moving locations. SmartFleet provides a passive way to track services without driver intervention.

Consumer Packaging Manufacturers & Distributors

Consumer companies where on time delivery is critical to the just-in-time supply chain requirements.

Chemical Manufacturers and Distributors

Chemical companies whose need to track hazardous materials is critical to meeting safety and regulatory requirements.

USPS Transportation Vendors

Transportation providers who are required to meet USPS delivery and reporting standards.

Non-Powered Asset Providers

Asset leasing companies who are currently dependent on antiquated systems to track asset utilization and location can offer their customers a value by right sizing assets to usage by eliminating idle capacity and turning it into revenue.

Intermodal, Dray & Final Mile Deliveries

If Steve Jobs where alive today, he would look at the final mile, dray or intermodal delivery process of handing the driver stacks of shuffled unorganized papers and sending the driver off left to his own devices to a location he may never have delivered, keeping no physical record of what really happened, he would scratch his head and say it’s time for disruption…

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