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SmartFleet System Features

Basic or Advanced Tracking and Tracing

DP&C® SmartFleet provides a web based portal that is live 24/7. Our portal provides reporting for real-time operational tracking of vehicle and asset positioning. These screens are shown with mapping and addresses and integrated Mobile Geo-Fencing capabilities. It also offers historical vehicle and driver performance and maintenance reporting.

DOT/ELD Compliance

DP&C® SmartFleet satisfies the DOT federal mandate requiring the use of electronic logging devices (ELDs). ELDs are intended to completely replace the traditional paper logbook. The FMCSA has provided that smartphones, tablets, and rugged handhelds can be used as long as the logging system used meets ELD requirements. Fleets relying on paper logs need to be compliant by December of 2017. Fleets already equipped with electronic logging technology will have until December 2019 to ensure compliance with the published FMCSA specifications. DP&C® SmartFleet is your low cost solution to ELD Compliance.

Customer and Vendor Management

DP&C® SmartFleet allows for administration within our portal to assign customers and vendors. Our organizational and role based security allows you to assign various levels of user access within your company. DP&C® SmartFleet also supports multi-organizational and inter-organizational access rules.

Resource Management

  • Driver license and training records
  • Vehicle insurance and registration
  • Driver pay rates
  • Vehicle leasing and ownership costs
  • Driving History
  • Accident Reporting
  • Vehicle Inspection and maintenance

Planning and Scheduling

DP&C® SmartFleet is the answer to your scheduling and route planning needs. We offer a decentralized supply chain and order management system that allows for:

  • Recurring and Frequency-based Routes
  • Point-to-Point, Multi-point and Trip Stops
  • Trip Scheduling
  • Trip Termination
  • Electronic Notification of Delivery Assignments

Route Optimization and Execution

DP&C® SmartFleet automates and optimizes your route and trip scheduling and dispatching. It can even integrate with your payroll, ERP and IFTA reporting systems.

Route Execution Tools Include:

  • Driver Check In and Check Out
  • Trip Assignment, Trip Stop, Trip Releasing, Trip Scheduling & Trip Termination
  • Dispatch Status and Route optimization based on stop points.
  • Exception Alerting
  • ELD Compliant reporting
  • Profit Calculation (per transportation route)

Order Management (Order to Cash)

  • Sales API to enter sales order directly into SmartFleet
  • Create repetitive routes to mitigate administrative time
  • Interface with client’s ERP application
  • Manage/Edit sales orders in applications sales order workbench
  • Order to cash management via electronic proof of delivery
  • Item Master Management

Multiple Geofence Types and Creation

  • Irregular Shapes to Meet Terrestrial Requirements
  • Mobile Geofence for Flexibility of Non-Fixed Locations
  • Automatic Geofencing Based on Ship To Address
  • Segmentation of Home-based, Sales, Job and Equipment Geofences

Hardware & System Agnostic (interfaces with multi type assets and platforms)

  • Multiple GPS hardware
  • Smart Devices
  • Variety of ERP platforms
  • Integration with machine information

Online Customer Support

  • Integrated troubleshooting ticket system
  • Customer Service Portal to manage account information


  • Technology Evaluation Center Certification
  • USPS Compliant