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Aeris Consulting: Increased Cash Flow and Service Visibility

DPC Streamlined administrative activities for growing health care provider, Aeris Consulting to improve both cash flow and increased service visibility for its clients.

The Challenge:

A fast growing health care , respiratory service provider needed to streamline it administrative activities to gain better control of its customer support and resource assignment processes

The company was outgrowing its cash flow causing more internal focus as opposed of taking full advantage of the market opportunities.

The opportunity to expand was being limited by redundant , disconnected administrative processes .

Order to cash flow was both an administrative and credit line strain. More utilization from current cash availability needed to be realized to gain more market leverage.

The Solution:

Utilize DP&C’s supply chain management skills , application software and customer software development to seamlessly tie together the following :

a) Resource assignment to client requests

b) Lot tracking for its for rent , tangible assets

c) Item / Pricing matrix for each of its customers linked to services provided , including therapist time , consumable materials , and rented equipment

d) Provide field therapists access to the application to record all transactions electronically to mitigate the use of paper forms

e) Link the field execution activities to its financial system to expedite and make more accurate invoicing process

The Benefits :

1. Mitigate administrative time and effort relative to revenue growth through seamless integration of electronic forms

2. Reduce Days Sales Outstanding to improve cash flow and reduce borrowing requirements

3. Enhance timely in service billing

4. Efficiently report technician time and attendance

5. Reduce time to customer

6. Create one enterprises portal for current operation and historical records

7. Provide a reconciliation & validation process for in service billing

8. Advanced notification to customer for service and material deliveries

9. No IT infrastructure to support the application to gain all the benefits

10. Promotes Aeris Consulting brand name and image across the industry