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DP&C Enterprises Featured in CIOReview Magazine

DP&C was recently recognized in CIOReview magazine as one of the 20 most promising manufacturing technology solutions providers of 2017. CIOReview Magazine annually reviews and ranks manufacturing technology providers based on the value they bring to MES and ERP functions. DP&C was recognized for being unique in its process-centric approach, while at the same time introducing proprietary technology solutions using its applications and customer software development group.

According to CIOReview:

“DP&C Enterprises’ deep industry expertise, combined with agile software solutions help manufacturers enhance their cash flow by improving existing physical, system, and human resource utilization by increasing the real time visibility of information in order to make better, faster, management decisions. “First, we create and crystallize an executable plan that is embraced by management with clear delineation of responsibility for execution,” states Spero. “This is presented and measured through project management tools that track activity, resources, cost to budget, and quantified metric improvement.”

“the company is ideally positioned to assist small to midsize manufacturers, distributors, and transportation providers by increasing the use of the processes and technology at hand— in an iterative way that allows businesses to continue and make improvements. The process driven strategy is core to the bottom up approach that DP&C has taken to commercialize its TMS application, DP&C SmartFleet. SmartFleet is constructed on the fundamental principle of the user requirement and application experience.”

Read The Entire Article in CIOReview Magazine>>>  

arma container

SmartFleet TMS Integrated with Arma Container ERP and Scale Software

Arma Container Corporation is a major manufacturing producer , converter , and distributor of customized corrugated containers in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas. It is a well-established 80 year old company that provides corrugated packaging to a number of industry verticals including , but not limited to , pharmaceutical , bakery , food and consumer products. Its base of operations is located in Suffolk county , from which it does all its manufacturing and supply. It is a high service company using Imaginera from Amtech ERP application , high speed converting equipment and private trucking to satisfy its customer requirements.

The Challenge at Arma Container Corporation:

Streamline its supply chain process to speed the transactions and visibility of converting information to material to cash . This involved the effort of extracting greater utilization of Arma’s existing physical , system and human resources . This involved a combination of education on current ERP application , system integration to make the existing ERP application more valuable , process definition and improvements , associate training and shop floor and distribution enhancements.

The Solution for Arma Container Corporation:

An executable improvement plan was created as a result of performing a discovery process. This plan was executed over an 18 month period in iterative steps that moved the supply chain operation forward without interfering with day to day business activities. The activities included a deep dive into the existing ERP application that provided enhanced ability to do the following:

  1. Enhanced manufacturing plan to better link the manufacturing , shipping & receiving processes together to speed service and reduce inventory levels.
  2. Create shipping plans to act as validation and continuous improvement barometer to increased asset utilization , reduced driver mileage and drive time , improved customer service , and mitigation of paperwork through electronic signature capture for proof of delivery.
  3. Shop floor data capture to provide real time inventory , tooling , and conversion status to provide faster , more informed management decisions.
  4. Provided and integrated an efficient TMS application to make chain of custody from shipment to delivery readily available for management review.
  5. Decreased utility expenses due to securing incentive credits based on capital investment
  6. Reduced material variance from receipt to shipment through visibility and identification of pain points.

The Results for Arma Container Corporation:

A sustainable , continuous improvement plan that provided bottom line profit improvement and a road map to organization capability improvement.