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What Is SmartFleet?

DP&C® SmartFleet is a comprehensive transportation, logistics, and distribution management (TMS) application designed specifically to increase efficiency of transportation management, enhance the visibility of mobile inventory and asset management, and highlight the importance of enhanced customer service as a competitive advantage. It has the ability to seamlessly integrate GPS sources and all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms to provide a comprehensive end-to-end application for the network users.

See How SmartFleet Benefits Your Industry

DP&C® SmartFleet is a customizable and scalable application, providing a solution that generates immediate and sustainable return on investment. The seamless, real time visibility provided by DPC® SmartFleet can enhance profit performance, customer service and fleet optimization. It has received the industry certification issued by TEC.

Benefits of DP&C® SmartFleet TMS

SmartFleet Reduces Costs

  • Reduction in Transportation Expenses
  • Reduction in Administrative Expenses
  • Reduction in Lease, Capital or Purchased Services
  • Reduction in Asset and Service Expenses
  • Reduction in Risk Management Expenses

SmartFleet Creates Efficiencies

  • More Efficient Redeployment of Resources
  • Automated Processes Create Efficiencies in Daily Tasks
  • More Efficient Growth of Your Asset Base
  • Mitigation of Redundant Processes

SmartFleet Improves Your Operation

  • Provides an Information Base for Making Key Operating Decisions
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction Via the Availability of Real-Time Information
  • Drives Operating Performance by Connecting Your Critical Functions

SmartFleet Integrates with Your ERP or Back Office System

  • Provides a real value added solution by using existing data from the host
  • Increases the current utilization of existing technical assets
  • Eliminates redundancy and leverages your existing resources

See How SmartFleet Benefits Your Industry